Monday, January 29, 2007

Help Registry Worksheet

This worksheet is here to jog your mind. Everyone should tailor their page to fit their own personal needs. I left three spaces under most headings, but add or subtract in order to create the amount of spaces you need. The more you can list, the better. But like a gift registry, don’t make it so huge that important things fall through the cracks. Mark the most important things with an asterisk and I will let those who are looking at your help page know that those are the most important ones. List any specific instructions—the more specific you can get the better. Include recipes you would love to have made for you. Give phone numbers of restaurants. Do not include any personal information--the people using this list should know how to reach you (therefore, simply tell them which method of communication is best--but do not list your actual phone number). Truly—let this help registry worksheet simply be a guide but make it unique to your own needs. And don’t be shy—people want to help so let them!

Name (can be a nickname or your real name or even a made-up name—it’s the name that will appear as the heading that you’ll give people to find you on the list):


Special restrictions (food allergies or aversions as well as kashrut or hallal):

Homemade food we love:




Restaurant orders (give the name and the specific order, including any changes you make to the dish when you are doing your own ordering. You can even provide a link if the restaurant has a webpage in order to make it easier for a potential helper who lives far away and doesn’t know the area. Indicate if the restaurant delivers or if the person will need to pick up the food themselves and deliver it):




Recipes we’d love you to make for us (include recipes):




Seasonal foods we often crave:






Underline (Y) or (N) if you would like someone to do these tasks for you. Provide specific instructions in the space including how they should get your shopping list, dry cleaner info, picking up the dogs, etc.

Y or N Walking the dogs

Y or N Picking up dry cleaning or other pick-up errands

Y or N Food shopping excursion

Y or N Babysitting

Y or N Random weekly errands (the things that pop up out of nowhere but need to
be taken care of immediately)

Y or N Cleaning

Y or N ? (Fill in other tasks that are part of your world)

Thanks, but we definitely have these things covered…





List your feelings on visitors in different situations (after a birth or an adoption, you may not want visitors in all of the chaos or you may desperately want company or an extra set of hands. During a period of mourning, you may want to be alone or you may want to be surrounded by friends. Write a brief explanation of how you feel about visitors in different situations). Also include in this space if you wish to receive daily emails or phone calls. Be specific.

*This worksheet may change from time to time to reflect additions or subtractions people have suggested while utilizing it.

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