Thursday, March 15, 2007

Emoblopedia: General Infertility

Welcome to the general infertility page of the emoblopedia, a catch-all category for the emotional journey of infertility. Some of the entries below are written by men and women who are already doing fertility treatments. Other entries are written by those who are newly diagnosed with infertility. We hope that you find reading these blog entries helpful and they bring you a modicum of emotional comfort. They may help you find words to express how you are feeling or show you the light at the end of the tunnel. If you have your own blog and would like to contribute to the emoblopedia, submit all links to entries to Melissa at

Receiving a diagnosis
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Family relations
Coming out about infertility
Being outed as infertile by another person
Taking a break
Marriage difficulties while trying to conceive
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Marriage strengthening while conquering infertility
Depression and infertility
Friendships and infertility
Need a good laugh?

Need a good cry?
Emotions after a BFN (big fat negative)
Acceptance and peace during infertility
Hope and infertility
Infertility: a dirty little secret
Thinking about changing paths to parenthood
Pregnancy announcements and baby showers
Thinking through choices
A day in the life of an infertile woman
How infertility changes you
Anger and infertility
Time and infertility
Finances and infertility
Lifestyle changes for infertility
Thoughtless comments and other assvice

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