Sunday, April 08, 2007

How To Make An International Blilt

The Virtual Quilt Project is part of the Emoblopedia--the interactive anthology of the infertility and pregnancy loss experience. A virtual quilt--or a blilt--is a quilt of blogs: a weaving of diverse responses to a single experience. The squares are arranged with the words linked back to the author's blog. The blilt stands as a testament to the experience and the wide-range of responses to life-changing events. At the same time, it is a chance to connect with another person's story that may be similar to your own insofar as the emotions experienced. We encourage you to click on the squares that speak to your own personal response to the same situation and connect with that blogger through their story.

Sample Blilt:

The blilts are housed inside the Emoblopedia in the appropriate category, but they can also be accessed at the bottom of this post via the hyperlinked text. A blilt is never complete. If you have a personal reaction to the blilt, leave it in the comment section. At the same time, if you have a square that you wish to have included the next time we built a blilt for that particular situation, send along your words (all squares try to include anywhere between one and ten words) and the url of your blog or your email address (so future readers can contact you). If you do not wish to have your words linked to another site or email address, that is fine too. Just specify that you wish to donate your words alone to the project.

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