Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Return to the Office (fini)

When she got back to her office building, everyone was milling around outside.

"What's happening?" Sharon asked Theo, her boss's assistant. He looked up from his palm pilot where he was playing a Mensa game.

"A bomb threat. Or a gas leak. Or maybe an earthquake. I think you're supposed to go outside if there's an earthquake."

"I thought you need to go into a doorway. Wait, there aren't earthquakes here. Can I go inside?"

"Nope, we were all told to be out of the building."

"Then I'm just going home," Sharon said simply.

"Cool. Can I make up the reason for your absence when Angela asks?" Theo begged.

"Sure, but just be sure to make it good. Blood. Guts. That sort of thing," Sharon told him as she got back into her car.

She drove home singing along to the radio and avoiding Starbucks. Her husband wasn't due home for a while, so a long afternoon of updating her blog and reading from the Stirrup Queen's blogroll awaited her.

The End
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