Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Help Registry: Serenity


Name: Serenity

Thank you SO much for your offer of help. Below are some simple things you can do to help us during this time period. When in doubt, ask—we don't mind questions, but we're not fond of surprises when our world is already turned upside down. We really appreciate the thought—it means just as much to have a visitor or a daily email as it does to have food delivered. Choose whatever you would like off this wish list.


Special restrictions: not many. You already probably know this, but Serenity hates cooked carrots and cooked salmon. Otherwise we're equal opportunity eaters and have no food allergies that we're aware of.

Homemade food we love:
1. Simple pasta and tomato sauce or meat sauce
2. Cookies or simple breads made without nuts

Restaurant orders:
1. DeLeo's pizza (978-372-4468): Any of the following: New York, Bianco with mushrooms, or regular pizza with mushrooms. Does not deliver.

2. Peking Garden (978-373-6047): For Serenity: Amazing Chicken and white rice
For J: either of the following: Moo-shi Pork or Chicken with Broccoli. Loves pork fried rice instead of white. The restaurant delivers.

3. Pizzeria Uno Chicago Grill (978-556-9595): For Serenity: any of the following: veggie soup, Chopstick salad (No walnuts, dressing on the side), BBQ chicken flatbread pizza, Grilled Simple Chicken (steamed veggies on the side). For J: deep dish Numero Uno, Uno Burger (cooked medium rare, with American or cheddar cheese and bacon), or Cobb Salad. Does not deliver.

4. Not Your Average Joe's (978-974-0015): For Serenity: vegetable spring roll & large Not Your Average House Salad with either steak (cooked medium) or chicken (dressing on the side please). For J: any of the following: Chicken Carbonara, Chicken Oscar, or Grilled Meatloaf
Does not deliver.

If you're coming from the Boston area, we also adore Anna's Taqueria – a regular chicken burrito for Serenity, with pico de gallo and hot sauce, and a super chicken with everything for J.


Y Picking up dry cleaning or other pick-up errands (contact Serenity via email or call us at home in order to find out if we have any needs at this time).

Y Food shopping excursion (contact Serenity via email or call us in order to get our list; we'll be as specific as possible. Please give us the receipts so we can reimburse you when you drop off the groceries).

Y Cleaning (light cleaning—vacuuming, folding laundry, and washing floors is always appreciated.)


We love receiving daily emails—they're a low-key way to help us stay connected when we're in the midst of a crisis. We're not always up for visitors or able to return phone calls; so if you could call us or email us before you drop by, we'd appreciate it. And please don't be offended if we tell you we're not up for visitors; we promise it's nothing personal. We just need some time to ourselves for a short while.

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