Friday, February 02, 2007

Help Registry: Mandy & Andrew

Name: Mandy & Andrew


No allergies, but it’s probably best to avoid eggs for Mandy (by themselves, blended in a recipe like cake or bread is totally fine), and Andrew isn’t all that fond of mushrooms, olives or avocados.

Homemade food we love:
1. Pasta- mac and cheese, spaghetti, etc.
2. Breads
3. Cookies, especially with chocolate and/or peanut butter

Restaurant orders:
There aren’t many restaurants close to us (yet) so delivery is pretty limited. These are based on what is available close by.
1. Fast-food cheeseburgers and fries from pretty much anywhere.
2. Pizza. Dominoes (972-292-2228) and Mr. Jims (940-365-7500) are close and both deliver to us. Mandy likes cheese, mushrooms, pepperoni and hamburger and Andrew likes lots of meat.
3. Subway (940-365-2773). Mandy: Monterrey Cheddar bread, chicken breast, shredded cheese, lettuce, pickles, Ranch dressing, vinegar, toasted. Andrew: Italian BMT on Italian Herb bread, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, salt/pepper, oil, mayo.


N Walking the dog/Tending to the cat's whims (We’ve got the pets covered)

N Picking up dry cleaning or other pick-up errands

Y Food shopping excursion (Give us a call or an email and we can provide a list. We aren’t very particular about brands or stores. Please give us the receipts so we can reimburse you when you drop off any groceries.)

N Babysitting

Y Random weekly errands (Call or email us about this one and we’ll let you know if we have anything that is urgent .)

N Cleaning (Just don’t wear white gloves when you come over next. Or look at the sink.)


In general, we love visitors- just make sure to give us a heads-up call (so that we can make sure the litter boxes are clean and that there is toilet paper in the guest bathroom). In times of mourning, we work best alone at first. We love and appreciate your care and concern and welcome emails and phone calls, although we might not be able to return them. Just knowing that you are thinking of us means the world to us.

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