Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Convenient Deafness (level five)

Sharon ducked into her office just in time to hear Angela tell a coworker that she could have the Brewster Hardware Emporium account since Sharon didn't hear her.

She didn't bother turning on her computer or checking her voice mail. She began the long process of getting a live person on the phone at Successful Fertility Clinic. It took twelve minutes of waiting on hold while listening to xylophone music before she lucked out and got Diane, the better receptionist.

"Diane, my ovidrel shot is missing from my meds box. It wasn't sent. And I need one for tonight. Can you call it in to the pharmacy in the lobby and I'll come by to pick it up?"

"Sure, though we actually have a few free samples in the office. Do you want me to hold one at the desk for you?"

"I love you, Diane," Sharon said. She slipped back out of her office and into the stairwell. Now that they saw her arrive, she could leave for a few minutes without anyone really noticing.

She went to the clinic and picked up the ovidrel from Diane, who was holding it at the front desk as promised. Sharon suppressed the urge to kiss Diane and pocketed the prefilled syringe.

"Thank you, thank you thank you," she told her, walking backwards out the clinic doors.

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