Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Home Is Where the Heart Is (fini)

At home, she began the long process of getting a live person on the phone at Successful Fertility Clinic. It took twelve minutes of waiting on hold while listening to xylophone music before she lucked out and got Diane, the better receptionist.

"Diane, my ovidrel shot is missing from my meds box. It wasn't sent. And I need one for tonight. Can you call it in to the pharmacy in the lobby and I'll come by to pick it up?"

"Sure, though we actually have a few free samples in the office. Do you want me to hold one at the desk and your husband can pick it up on his way home?"

"I love you, Diane," Sharon said.

She called her husband to tell him the new plan and then slipped under her blankets to read trashy chick lit until 10 o'clock that night when it was time for her trigger shot.

The End
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squarepeg said...

I LOVE it!! Man I loved those books. Well done.

Stacie said...

Petunia Rose Lily?