Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fuck It Indeed (fini)

Sharon got back out of her car and immediately ran into Angela, her boss.

"You weren't thinking of leaving, were you? Because I have a wonderful opportunity for you," Angela said. "The people from Brewster's Hardware Emporium are coming in this afternoon. I want you to woo them tonight."

"Woo them?" Sharon asked blankly.

"With a pitch. With ideas. We're all going out to dinner at eight."

Her trigger shot was set for ten o'clock. She'd never be back in time and she still hadn't sorted out the fact that she didn't have the shot in hand. She really didn't want to trigger while at dinner.

"We're going to this fantastic restaurant that has no bathrooms or discreet places," her boss continued. "We'll probably be there until midnight. And I won't take no for an answer!"

"I really can't tonight," Sharon said.

"Then you should just get back in the car and drive home because if you can't go to this meeting, you don't have a job anymore."

Sharon paused for a moment, debating what to do. But the choice was simple. She jumped into her car, drove home to examine the want ads, and dreamed about the baby she was going to make one day.

The End
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