Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Back at the House (level two)

Sharon stepped into her house and was greeted by complete silence. Her husband had already left for work, but he had left a note on the table for her: call me and let me know how the appointment went. She called him while clicking through an online newspaper on the Internet.

"It went well. I still have 3 follicles, my E2 looked good and I'm triggering tonight...Fuck."

"Fuck? I thought that's what we wanted," Darren said.

"No, I'm reading the newspaper while we talk--sorry--and I just saw that a murder took place at the Starbucks where I was going to stop. A woman was crowing all about her pregnancy and how she wasn't even trying and a pack of infertile women scalded her to death with steaming hot white chocolate mochas."

"That's awful," Darren muttered. Sharon heard the sound of computer keys clicking in the background.

"Glad I didn't stop. But I have to go now."
  • If you swing by your box of meds to set up your trigger shot for tonight, click here.
  • If you head off to work so you won't be reamed a new asshole by your boss, click here.


KarenO said...

Ok, I'm in an evil mood tonight: that newspaper story sounds just about right to me! *evil grin*

Jules said...

I think I'm a member of that pack to. LOL!

Lori said...

Best laugh I've had today!!!!!