Tuesday, July 10, 2007

All Hail the Super Sperm (level three)

Sharon stared blankly into space and then proceeded to the counter to order her drink. Her friend continued to go on and on about how she hadn't even been trying and how her husband just has to look at her and she's pregnant. She doesn't even want a child when it comes down to it, but they make such great helpers for fetching things around the house that she would keep Petunia around.

Just as she was about to start into another round of serenading her husband's super sperm, she was accosted by a pack of angry infertile women who scalded her to death with flaming hot white chocolate mochas. Sharon stepped over the body and proceeded on her way to work since she now didn't have enough time to stop off at home.

Sharon had a nagging feeling that she didn't have the trigger shot at home. She would have to take care of it when she got to work. When she got into the car, she discovered the only cd she had in the car was scratched and kept skipping.
  • If you want Sharon to flip on the radio, click here.
  • If you want Sharon to drive in silence, click here.


Sunny said...

I can't stop laughing!!!

Bean said...

OMG! I almost peed in my pants. You are BRILLIANT!!!!

PCOSMama said...

I've totally wanted to throw my hot coffee at a clueless rude stranger in Starbucks before.... hilarious!