Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Radio Silence (level four)

"So freakin' annoying," she muttered to herself, flipping on a radio station. At that moment, the familiar eight note xylophone opening of a local commercial began.

"Are you childless?" a melodic woman's voice asked. "Desperate? Thinking about cutting your uterus out of your body because it doesn't work anyway? Then come to the caring hands of Successful Fertility Clinic and make our name, your name--by which we mean that you will become successful in fertility rather than sub-par, as you are now."

The commercial ended with a repetition of some xylophone notes and then continued into an advertisement for a child's play center where all the good mothers go. She flipped off the radio and continued the rest of the ride in silence, wondering whether or not she had her trigger shot at home. She would need to call the pharmacy when she got to the office.

When she got to work, she saw her boss through the staircase window.

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Sunny said...

How many times have I heard that commercial! THEN after hearing it having someone say, did you hear the commercial? WOW you should try that!