Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stairwell Hell (level four)

Sharon gritted her teeth and opened the stairwell door; she might as well face her boss now rather than later. Her boss smiled at her as she passed and shook her head.

"Didn't you hear?" she said, putting her hand on Sharon's arm.

"Hear what?"

"The office closed. Barnett sent everyone home."

"Sent everyone home? Why?" Sharon asked, shifting her briefcase to her other hand.

"Something about a gas leak. Or asbestos. Or toxic waste. Something like that. Anyway, you can't go up to your desk so we've shifted all deadlines back. You're free for the rest of the day."

"Will the problem be gone tomorrow?" Sharon asked.

"Sure," her boss said, waving her hand as if a gas leak were a mere annoyance. "Maybe it was a bomb threat. Whatever it was, you're free. Go home. Read your trashy chick lit books."

Sharon went back to her car and drove home, feeling her body relax for the first time.
  • If you have Sharon stop to run some errands, click here.
  • If you have Sharon go back in the house, click here.

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