Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fuck It (level four)

Where is that damn injection, Sharon thought to herself as she walked out to her car. She drove to work in silence.

When she got to her office building, everyone was milling around outside.

"What's happening?" Sharon asked Theo, her boss's assistant. He looked up from his palm pilot where he was playing a Mensa game.

"A bomb threat. Or a gas leak. Or maybe an earthquake. I think you're supposed to go outside if there's an earthquake."

"I thought you need to go into a doorway. Wait, there aren't earthquakes here. Can I go inside?"

"Nope, we were all told to be out of the building."

"But I..." What was she going to tell Theo? She needed to get on the phone so she could call every pharmacy in town and get another trigger shot before evening? Which meant getting in touch with her RE so she could get the new prescription? Which meant getting a hold of someone at Successful Fertility Clinic?

"Will you tell Angela that I had to go...do something?" Sharon tells him. He's already engrossed in his Mensa game, mumbling about the numbers he needs to plug into the puzzle.

Sharon got back in her car and sat there for a moment. If she missed her meeting, she was screwed. If she missed her trigger shot, she was screwed. It seemed like there was no way to win.
  • If you want Sharon to stay at work, click here.
  • If you want Sharon to drive to her clinic, click here.

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