Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Elevator Hell (level four)

Sharon jumped into the elevator. It was way too early and she was way too frazzled to deal with her boss. Before the doors could close, her pregnant co-worker, eight months along and still working waddled into the elevator.

"Hey, Sharon," she said, sighing while she rubbed her belly. "It sucks being pregnant."

"I can imagine," Sharon said curtly, trying to cut off the conversation before it could proceed.

"Do you have kids yet? Why don't you guys have any kids? You'd be such a great mum. I bet when you guys start trying, you'll get pregnant on the first try. You have really wide hips. Child bearing hips."

"Thank you," Sharon says because if she said anything else, she'd start to cry.

The elevator doors swung open and Sharon was almost to her desk when she heard her name being called behind her, "Sharon Barren, I need a word with you."
  • If Sharon stops to talk, click here.
  • If Sharon pretends not to hear and continues into her office, click here.

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KarenO said...

Ouch. Seems that I'm choosing the wrong option every time! :(