Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Sounds of Silence (fini)

"So freakin' annoying," she muttered to herself, flipping off the cd player. She drove to work in silence, only vaguely aware of the sound the other cars were making as they swerved around her. She was a terrible driver when she was preoccupied.

And she had been preoccupied all cycle. She was so frustrated that no matter how much Follistim her RE pumped into her poor ovaries, she still couldn't get the abundance of follicles that seemed to come so quickly for other women. Not only was she infertile, but she didn't seem to be particularly good at being infertile.

What she really wanted was one day where she didn't have to think about blood work or trigger shots or wandings or how many days it was until her beta or how many days it was until she ovulated. She was just done. She didn't qualify for the shared risk program so she didn't even know how they were going to take the chance with IVF. She didn't even know how she was going to do IVF if she never produced many follicles.

Screw this, she thought and swung the car into a U-turn at the first chance. She retraced her route and went back into her house where she crawled into bed and read trashy chick lit books all day. She forgot about her trigger shot, couldn't subsequently do the IUI, and ended up feeling frustrated for several more weeks to come.

The End
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Tigger said...

I think I've been here. As a matter of fact, I think I'm stuck here. Let me know if Sharon ever gets out of her funk and how she does it.

Bea said...

Oh, Sharon. I hope you learned something from the experience.


GLouise said...

I love these! Let's keep these up!

And poor Sharon! That chick lit will do ya in every time.